Monday, February 18, 2013

I went “full Facebook official” on a relationship for the first time tonight - the status, the names, the anniversary, all of it. It’s been more than five months since we met - honestly, we were pretty much inextricable from the first night - and for anyone who’s remotely close to either of us this is old news, but the timing feels right, like we’ve earned it. I never understood the appeal of “full Facebook official” until now; it doesn’t make sense until you care about someone so much that you need to share that feeling with everyone, to shout it from a rooftop. “Look! This is the person that makes me this happy!” I guess I wanted to document that feeling here and share it with all of you too. It’s been one of those nights that reminds you slogging through the shit is totally worth it. 


  1. imathers said: internet high five! also I think I forgot to email you?
  2. jakec said: ahhhhhhhhhhh! so cute.
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