Thursday, February 21, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.2 - Will Adams

This week’s podcast features Singles Jukeboxer/Yale music student/songwriter/producer/estimable gentleman Will Adams. We discussed the “Tumblr bubble” phenomenon, how to deal with your college friends who can’t get enough of “Thrift Shop” and “Harlem Shake” videos, and technical vs. experiential approaches to writing about music. 

I’m travelling home next week, which means a week off from A Shot of Jamieson, but I’ve got a few old and new guests planned for March and I’m really looking forward to recording those episodes. (I still need to contact a few people on my wishlist.) If you’d like to be involved or want to share a question or comment, please give me a shout via email or askbox. Thanks for your continued support - have a great night, and happy listening.  


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