Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.10 - Ian Mathers

This week’s episode features Tumblr’s Mr. Congeniality, Ian Mathers. We talked about relationships, Infinite Jest, the 33 1/3 series, the recent Gucci Mane “BITCH, I MIGHT BE” memetroversy, and being a decent human being. 

This is the last episode of the season. I mention it a bunch of times on the show, but here it is again: I want to thank everyone who came on the show, sent a comment, or took some time out of their day to listen. I still struggle to believe that people are interested in these podcasts. Planning, recording, and posting them are highlights of my time on Tumblr. Your support isn’t unappreciated. I’ll be back with more of these in the fall. 

Happy listening! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.9 - David Lee (dtownsteez)

This episode features #billnymcmb crew member David Lee. We talked about becoming active in the music writing community on the Internet, the dangers of social media, and Beyoncé. There is a ton of Beyoncé here, including a very convoluted management science analogy involving disruptive innovations and upmarket maneuvers. It’s probably boring! But give it a try. We also recommend new music by Bilal and Charli XCX.

Thanks for your support, and send your feedback along via email/askbox/tweet/etc. Happy listening!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.8 - Crystal Xia (cxianet)

Tonight’s episode features Singles Jukebox contributor/Northwestern student/"Guap" enthusiast Crystal Xia. We talked about Roger Ebert, Rilo Kiley, and the legendary music/science crew #billnymcmb. I tell a sad story about "Bugatti" and St. Patrick’s Day.

Also, a few of you have been asking where to find older episodes: you can do that here. I’m almost positive all of those links work. 

Thanks for your support, and I appreciate your feedback via askbox/email/tweet/owl post/whatever. Happy listening!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.7 - Rachael Maddux (rachaelmaddux)

The newest episode of A Shot of Jamieson features writer/editor extraordinaire (+ INDIE HUNK) Rachael Maddux. (Pitchfork, BuzzFeed, eMusic, Salon, and many more) We dove pretty deep into heavy Internet stuff— gender and music writing, “call-out culture,” online existence as performance— and then pulled back out to talk about John Jeremiah Sullivan and “work music.” I finally deemed this second round of shows a “season.” I hope I made sense.

As always, thanks for your support! I welcome your questions, comments, and concerns, however you want to send them. Happy listening!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.6 - Daniel Kolitz (printedinternet)

Tonight’s episode features legendarily elusive Tumblr superstar Daniel Kolitz, whose newest project is an absolutely brilliant blog called The Printed Internet. We talked about his old blog, his new blog, and a bunch of other random stuff. Please send him nice, encouraging asks and emails so he knows he was a fantastic guest.

Daniel also wrote the following paragraph for inclusion with the post:

As I type this Jamieson Cox is on mute, searching for the points in our just-ended conversation where I stopped myself and said “can you delete this part??” so that he can delete them. (If I recall correctly this was all of the parts; if I had my way this podcast would be exclusively comprised of Jamieson’s parts of this conversation, which mostly involved his saying ‘stop worrying’/’you’re doing fine’ etc, probably you will hear some of that.) You arrange a date with someone you’ve swapped OKCupid messages with, or you land a job interview in a tall glass building, and you spend the moments preceding that date/interview visualizing all the ways you will impress your potential romantic partner/employer via extended unpretentious soliloquies on, er, impressive smart-type stuff. But it’s hard to launch into quality extended unpretentious soliloquies when you keep thinking about how you might be sounding to the person you are talking to! Because instead of thinking of the subject at hand, you are thinking ‘am I sounding smart and unpretentious right now??’ to the point where you’d be a more effective conversationalist if you were just talking about what you were thinking, which is to say yourself, and oh man, I don’t know, Jamieson use your discretion in posting this paragraph, I guess I just wanted to say that I hopefully don’t usually sound so strained or uncomfortable, and definitely don’t usually punctuate my everyday conversation w/ commentary re: said everyday conversation.

Daniel is the best.

As always, thanks for your support! I look forward to receiving your feedback via askbox, email, tweet, or whatever else. Happy listening!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bachcrosstats said: For newish ASOJ listeners, which episode has the "JC origin story" you alluded to?

Thanks for the question! I think I told versions of it during the first five or six episodes, but I’m not sure which one contains the best, most complete version. If you’re really interested, this interview with my friend (and podcast guest!) Jake contains the details as well. 

P.S. “Newish ASOJ listeners” totally made me squeal, that’s so cool to read, thank you. 

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.5 - David Turner & Brandon Soderberg (dalatu, no-trivia)

The newest episode of A Shot of Jamieson features birthday boy David Turner, who has contributed to Pitchfork, Complex, and Noisey among others, and SPIN rap blogger Brandon Soderberg. The theme of this episode was “young writer problems,” and we discussed editing, “trust,” Twitter/Tumblr cliques, and the music we’re enjoying right now. 

As always, thanks for your support. I welcome your questions and comments via askbox, tweet, email, or whatever else you can imagine. Happy listening!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.4 - Lily Benson (myloveinthug)

The newest episode of A Shot of Jamieson features music Twitter Based Goddess/#YDI crew pioneer Lily Benson. We talked about #dudetime, Twitter crushes, Future and Ciara, #YDI, Kelly Rowland, and a bunch of other stuff too. It was a total blast, and it’s a complete tonal shift from yesterday’s episode with Chris Ott - at one point, I mention that I’m “on my Anderson Cooper giggle grind”, and it’s absolutely true.

You might be able to hear my roommates in the background for a few minutes in the middle section of this one, but on a podcast where we’ve experienced both crippling audio issues and ambient CTA noise, I’m hoping you’ll stick with us through it all. This was a ton of fun to record. As always, thanks for your time, and please send your feedback my way! The next one won’t arrive for about a week - keep an eye out for that. Happy listening!

Addendum: Check out the Noisey lady sex jams post we discussed here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.3 - Chris Ott (shallowrewards)

The newest episode of A Shot of Jamieson features music writing veteran/video criticism pioneer Chris Ott, a.k.a. Shallow Rewards. We talked about the reception of his Shallow Rewards video series, the great venture capital/media conglomerate takeover of the music journalism industry, boring day jobs, and our favourite music and writers of the year. We also touched on his recent ebook, Commentaries on Pop 2005-2012, which is absolutely worth your time and money.

As always, thanks for your support; I’m open to any questions, comments, or concerns. My main goal for this year’s installment of podcasts is achieving gender parity, so consider this an open call for women in music writing: if you’re interested in hopping on a podcast, please let me know! (Recommendations are great too.) I have some really awesome women lined up for episodes over the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to record and share those with you. Happy listening!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

(Hey, this one’s been removed from SoundCloud - download/listen here.)

A Shot of Jamieson, Episode 2.2 - Will Adams

This week’s podcast features Singles Jukeboxer/Yale music student/songwriter/producer/estimable gentleman Will Adams. We discussed the “Tumblr bubble” phenomenon, how to deal with your college friends who can’t get enough of “Thrift Shop” and “Harlem Shake” videos, and technical vs. experiential approaches to writing about music. 

I’m travelling home next week, which means a week off from A Shot of Jamieson, but I’ve got a few old and new guests planned for March and I’m really looking forward to recording those episodes. (I still need to contact a few people on my wishlist.) If you’d like to be involved or want to share a question or comment, please give me a shout via email or askbox. Thanks for your continued support - have a great night, and happy listening.